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Baking: From My Home to Yours

This book is amazing. I picked it up in January because many people online had given it great reviews, and I wanted a real big baking book. I asked for it for Christmas, but no one could find it for me so I ordered it online and I couldn’t be happier with this book.

I really love the way Dorie Greenspan writes. Each recipe is introduced by her, usually with a story which adds a  nice touch to this book. Everything I’ve made from this book is just delicious and I haven’t been disappointed at all. I’m beginning to understand why there is a Tuesday’s with Dorie group online for baking! She’s just really that amazing.

Currently, I’ve made five recipes from this book (Classic Brownies, Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies, Orange Blueberry MuffinsPumpkin Muffins, World Peace Cookies) and they’re all just so delicious. The Classic Brownies were divine, they were fudgy and just so smooth in your mouth, and the espresso powder added a great touch. The Coconut Chocolate Chip cookies were great, they were small enough that you didn’t feel guilty eating more than one, and the addition of the coconut just made these cookies so delicious (the coconut came from her “playing around” section). The Pumpkin Muffins were so good too, though they could have used a smidgeon of a little more spice but otherwise they were amazing. The batter looked amazing and it was hard to not sneak a taste or two. The World Peace Cookies had a really deep chocolate taste, and the sea salt in the cookies just went really well with the chocolate. The Orange Blueberry Muffins were okay, but they weren’t really my favourite. I’m not sure what turned me off about them, but just something did… These were definitely eaten the slowest of anything I’ve made from Dorie Greenspan.

The layout of the book is fantastic as well. Dorie covers pretty much every baked good you could want from muffins, to cookies, brownies, tarts, cakes, blondies, etc. This book is just jam-packed of delicious recipes (I really want to make Pierre Hermes lemon tart!). She goes through pain-staking effort to tell you what exactly makes each recipe good, and how everything should taste. Each time there’s a new section in the book, she makes sure to introduce the category and let you know what kind of great product you will get (and you will, because her instructions are fabulously easy).  Everything I’ve made has not only tasted wonderful, but has looked fantastic.

The pictures in this book are to die for, and there are a lot of pictures (which is great, I love being able to see what it is I’m going to make and what it should look like!).

My only complaint about this book is just that it’s so big that it doesn’t lay flat on a counter when you’re trying to bake! Which is a very very minor detail as it’s easy to prop it up in a book holder, or put something weighty on top of the page to hold it open.

Just, go buy this book. You won’t be sorry.

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