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My Nanny’s Corn Chowder

December 20, 2010

family noms

This is a recipe that my grandmother has been making for as long as I can remember. It may have even been something she came up with for me? I honestly can’t remember, but what I do remember is how delicious this chowder is. Seafood lovers, look out! This chowder is strictly vegetarian, and you will not find even a tiny morsel of seafood in here (I actually hate seafood…). Anyways. She moved away last week, which was very sad, but before she left she taught me how to make this corn chowder! The worst thing is that she makes it differently every time she does it, depending on what she has on hand. So it’s very difficult to get a concise recipe from her! We tried our best though. So the amount of ingredients are not specified, except for the corn nibblets because everything just changes based on the amount available/amount you feel you need/amount you want…

Corn Chowder
From my grandmother
Yields: about 6 bowls of soup


  • 2% milk
  • heavy cream
  • milk
  • potatoes
  • butter
  • dehydrated onion flakes
  • cream style corn (14 oz can)
  • peaches and cream style corn nibblets can (341 mL)


  1. Peel and cut the potatoes into 8ths. Cut out any black spots on the potato.
  2. Put a little bit of water into a pot (very little because this will be staying in the pot with the rest of the ingredients later), along with the dehydrated onion flakes, sea salt, and potatoes.
  3. Cover the pot and heat until the potatoes are “al dente” since they’re going to be cooking later anyways. Don’t drain the liquid.
  4. Add the two cans of corn nibblets, butter, milk, and cream. Bring to a boil. Once boiled, turn down to low and taste the soup. Add more salt if you think there should be!

Like I said, this recipe is ridiculously easy but so tasty. The worst part is that the amount for ingredients isn’t specified, so you really have to eye ball it and taste test it to be sure it’s what you like! You could always add chives, or cheese, or bacon/ham whatever on top but I’ve never done that. I always just eat the soup as is!

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