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Mother’s Day and Birthday

May 22, 2010

For mother’s day, I invited my grandmother over for dinner. Her birthday was also on Tuesday so it was a joint celebration. I took some pictures on my dad’s cellphone, and I’ll update this when I get them back!

Anyways, I made a Sweet Lemon-Mint Pear Salad and the dressing was divine. It was so simple to make, and the pears added such a lovely texture to the salad. I forgot to put the mint into the salad, but it was still really good. The main course was an Apricot-Lemon Chicken (which pairs off with the sweet lemon-mint pear salad) and we ended up cooking it  for a bit more than the recipe called for because our chicken was so thick. The sauce was really good and just added a different element to the chicken. For dessert, I made a Blackberry Cobbler which was SO good. I’ve never had a cobbler before (let alone made one) and so it was just really fresh and delicious. The five of us ended up eating the entire dish for dessert. The one thing I found about the dessert was that the top didn’t brown so we broiled it for a few minutes and the top got nice and brown.

The next day was my dad’s birthday so I ended up making him some brownies (just a box mix, but the best box mix EVER [Ghiradelli box mix]). I also ended up making him Turkish mushroom cookies which were really fun to make, and incredibly simple!

I don’t have pictures of any of this stuff right now, so hopefully the links will suffice for everyone!

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  1. charskitchen permalink
    May 22, 2010 2.05 pm

    wow! your whole family must have enjoyed their birthdays so much, since all the food you’ve described sounds incredible. I especially like the sound of you blackberry cobbler. Thanks for all these great recipes!

    • May 22, 2010 2.31 pm

      Thanks for the comment! Everyone seemed to really enjoy the food, but the blackberry cobbler was just sooo good. Definitely make it!

      Thanks for reading, may I ask how you found my blog? 🙂

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