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The Beginning

September 29, 2009

I’m starting this blog because I really wanted a place where I could place my baking hobby (aka, obsession) without it spamming up my friend’s journals on LiveJournal. Plus, it seemed like a very good way to focus more on baking.

I’ll start with the basics: I’m (currently) 19, and am interested in learning how to bake and cook before I move out. Like everyone, I have some experience with baking, and some of it is bad and the rest is good. I generally have only really baked up to this point for holidays and as gifts for others when I’ve had no money. I’m hoping to really jump into baking and cooking, and for it to become a part of my weekly routine.

So, when it comes to baking vs cooking, I think I generally prefer baking. I love making sweet things, though I rarely ever eat my baking (considering, they’re generally presents!). I also get  joy out of cooking a meal with my boyfriend and sitting down and eating what we made.

My previous baking repertoire consists of cookies (peanut butter, chocolate chip,gingerbread,  sugar, “hot chocolate”), cupcakes (chocolate cookie dough, vanilla), cake (box mix), brownies (marbled cheesecake!),  oreo cookie bark, and other random things. Since it’s now Fall, I’ve found myself baking pretty much every weekend and I’m hoping to keep this up!

Anyways. I’m also apparently an avid collector of cooking and baking books, but I rarely ever use them! So I’m hoping this blog will inspire me to actually use recipes from those books, as well as to find new books to buy. I’m also planning to take photo’s of my kitchen experiments (hopefully step-by-step), but please keep in mind, I don’t have a lot of experience with taking pictures (aka, barely zilch)! So, sorry if the photos are horrible. Hopefully that’ll improve as I practice more.

For now, au revoir mes amis.

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